Tommy Metz

Tommy "Handsome" Metz has written and directed 7 short films that have shown across the country. Along the way, he was lucky enough to win some awards including Best Overall Short, Best Comedic Short, Audience Favorite Film and Most Handsome Son (that last one was given to him by his mom).

In 2017, Metz co-wrote and directed his first full-length feature film titled 30 NIGHTS. It follows a married couple who undergoes a bizarre and hilarious month-long series of assignments in order to help them reignite the spark in their marriage. It’s a bit racy, but also has a lot of heart. The film is currently in its festival run, and will be, hopefully, available for streaming everywhere in the near future.

Metz has also spent over a decade as a Head Mentor for the Young Storytellers creative writing and literacy program for children. Through this program, he oversees a dozen mentors that work with 5th graders to help them dream up and each write original short screenplays. At the end of the semester, each script is acted out by a group of working actors, bringing the children’s stories to life for families and peers.

In order to make his job situation seem as legit as possible, he also makes his living working as a corporate trainer helping geniuses at companies like Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Blizzard and Activision figure out how best to handle workplace jerks.

Past all of this, his dog Foster will be upset if he isn’t mentioned in this bio. Puppy King Foster enjoys walks and chasing squirrels, almost as much as Tommy does.

Tommy is a regular co-host of The Film Board, and host of The Next Reel Short, No, No, Wait... Hear Me Out!

Tommy Metz

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