“You want to watch what you call my car. She’s real sensitive.”

There’s something about your first love, and there’s something about your first car. Stephen King found an interesting way to tap into that with his novel “Christine,” and John Carpenter found an interesting way to develop it even further in his 1983 adaptation. Sure, the car may be possessed, but Arnie sure falls for his car… and she for him. It’s an interesting take, and one we delve into this week. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we continue our Stephen King series with Carpenter’s “Christine.” We talk about our first experiences with this film and how that compared with our recent viewings of it and whether the film held up or not. We discuss the performances — Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky, Harry Dean Stanton and more — and how well they worked… or didn’t. We chat about the car — the beautiful iterations of the Plymouth Fury that they blend together to create this possessed automobile – and how she’s one of the strongest pieces of the film, particularly the magical scene where Christine rebuilds herself. We touch on script problems, particularly the struggle we have with Christine’s reasoning for her kills. And we talk about what John Carpenter brings to the table, and if it holds up with some of his other films made at this time. Andy ends up liking this film more than Pete, but we both have a great time talking it up. Check it out!

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Trailers of the Week

Andy’s Trailer: Stretch — “Joe Carnahan doesn’t always nail it for me, but the humor in this feels like it’s right in my camp. Plus Patrick Wilson making funny. The only thing that makes me nervous is that it’s going straight to internet release… Fingers crossed it still holds up!"

Pete’s Trailer: Tomorrowland — “Brad Bird directs Clooney in a movie based on a theme park in which your actions can actually change the world. I love the people. I love the future. And Tomorrowland has always been my favorite part of the park. What could possibly go wrong?"