Apollo 13

"There's nothing routine about flying to the moon, I can vouch for that."


Tom Hanks already won his back-to-back Oscars and with an ensemble film like "Apollo 13," he wasn't a clear choice to get nominated again to make a three-peat a possibility. All of that aside, as anyone on the cast or crew who worked on the film knows — as well as anyone who saw the film — he was clearly born to play an astronaut. He reunited with Ron Howard on the making of this amazing film dealing with one of the worst space disasters the world has ever seen, and even though everyone knew what happened, it was a compelling piece of cinema. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we continue our Tom Hanks series with "Apollo 13." We talk about the amazing effects work and how it seamlessly blends with real footage, miniatures, and amazing weightless photography filmed in the vomit comet. We discuss the performances throughout the film and what each of the performers brings to the story, including Hanks, Gary Sinise, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, and Kathleen Quinlan. We chat about the roles of women in this film and similar films, what works and what doesn't for us in their part of the story, and why we feel they're portrayed the way they are. We talk about the amazing score done by James Horner in this film and how well it fits in context of the film. And we chat about some of the awards the film won, was nominated for, and wasn't nominated for, and what we think about that.  It's a great movie — one of our favorites — and we have a fantastic conversation about it. Tune in!

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Trailers of the Week

Andy’s Trailer: The Rover — “David Michôd’s film ‘Animal Kingdom’ didn’t immediately stick with me after I saw it but has come back time and time again, skulking in the shadows, waiting to swipe at me with its performances and haunting story. His follow-up, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, looks equally as haunting and affecting. I don’t get much of the story out of this teaser, but I get a lot of presence and tone. And the presence and tone draw me in.”

Pete’s Trailer: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For — “I was a big fan of the first Sin. That Frank Miller is back with new stories in what is, to me, the most nourish of the noir just lights me up. That it was pushed from October last year into summer of 2014 strikes me as a good move. Adding Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, even better.”