Hi folks, This is tough to explain so I put together a page describing what I really want out of blocks and the shortcoming that's been in our way since we started working on SquareSpace. 

We're a podcast and we use tags to group the episodes around a theme, director, writer, etc. The way people browse our show is by series... but we're increasingly limited in how we're able to actually display each series and the films within it. The three examples we seem to have are below, the last one is the one we're really hoping you can help us achieve. 

1. Browse By Tag — Not ideal, but at least it's complete

Here's the module, "Browse by Tag"... I know this block isn't available anymore. If I ever want to use it, I have to duplicate the page I want to use it on, and rewrite the copy around it. It's the only module that gives us a list of all our series, but it's a pain that we can't reproduce it without duplicating the page. 

2. Tag Cloud — Messy, anachronistic, and soon incomplete

3. Archive — Index Layout by Tag, Date Ascending

This! This is what we want. Visitors can browse our entire show by series and see all the movies we've talked about in that series! So convenient. Alas, there is a limit to the number of tags that this block will display, so we get complaints that we're not keeping the list up to date. What would it take to be able to update this block so that it actually gives all our series and movies? Is there something I can do to change the limit applied to this block through code injection? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!