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All the President’s Men

“Mr. Markham, are you here in connection with the Watergate burglary?”   “I’m not here.”   And thus begins the twisted journey, movie fans, that Woodward and Bernstein have to take to track down the truth behind one of the biggest scandals our country has ever faced, which led to the President’s resignation. This week…

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The Parallax View

“I’m dead, Bill.  I just want to stay that way for a while.” We’re neck-deep in conspiracy this week, movie lovers, as we’re talking about one of the 70s great conspiracy theory thrillers — Alan J. Pakula’s “The Parallax View” from 1974, the second film in his unofficial paranoia trilogy.  It’s dark, it’s full of paranoia,…

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“What’s your bag, Klute? What do you like? Are you a talker? A button freak? Maybe you like to get your chest walked around with high heeled shoes. Or make ’em watch you tinkle. Or maybe you get off wearing women’s clothes. Goddamned hypocrite squares!” Hey, movie lovers!  We’re taking a leap back to the…

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