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Once Upon A Time In America

By the time Sergio Leone got the cameras rolling on what would turn out to be his last film, nearly thirteen years had passed since he last sat behind the camera. If anyone expected a filmmaker with rusty skills however, they certainly didn’t get that with Once Upon a Time In America.

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Duck You Sucker

Sergio Leone really wanted to produce his next film after his western opus Once Upon a Time in the West, but unfortunately, no one would have it. They wanted him in the director’s chair.

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Once Upon a Time in the West

Sergio Leone didn’t want to return to westerns after his Man With No Name trilogy – he already felt like made his western epic and wanted to move on to something else. When Paramount offered him a three picture deal with a big budget AND Henry Fonda though, he couldn’t pass it up and he found himself returning to the well once again.

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