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Children of the Corn

Stephen King may not like the film version of ’Children of the Corn,’ but considering it spawned 7 sequels and a remake, we’d like to think that he’s at least making a decent profit on his short story from 1977. This movie started careers for Linda Hamilton, Courtney Gains, John Franklin and Peter Horton and…

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The Innocents

Thus far, our series to celebrate Halloween — the Naughty Children series — hasn’t really been that scary. “The Bad Seed” is labeled a crime/drama/horror but comes across a bit more as a comedy now with the over-the-top performances. “Village of the Damned” is labeled a horror/mystery/sci-fi but doesn’t have much in the way of…

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Village of the Damned

John Wyndham’s 1957 novel “The Midwich Cuckoos” is the foundation for Wolf Rilla’s 1960 film “Village of the Damned.” It’s hard to say which title may actually be worse, but the story in both seems to work for most people. It’s a decent sci-fi story that, while dated, creates an interesting scenario with all the…

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The Bad Seed

It’s October, which means it’s time for some scares! This year, we’re celebrating with those lovable little children who just are downright bad. Our first film of the series gives us a young girl who turns out to be a malicious killer, but only because it’s her way to get the things that she wants.…

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