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La Vie en Rose

We conclude our Guess the Connection series with Olivier Dahan’s 2007 biopic “La Vie en Rose.” Do you know what connection this film has with our previous three — Syriana, Million Dollar Baby and L.A. Confidential? If so, listen to the end of this episode to hear what you need to do to win a…

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L.A. Confidential

Our Guess the Connection series continues with film #3 of 4: Curtis Hanson’s 1997 crime thriller L.A. Confidential. 1997 was a big year for movies, and perhaps that’s because one of the biggest box office sensations — James Cameron’s Titanic — was released that year. And while it went on to make a gajillion dollars (okay,…

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Million Dollar Baby

Next up in our Guess the Connection series: Clint Eastwood’s 2004 boxing drama “Million Dollar Baby.” For those of you who have yet to see “Million Dollar Baby,” you probably should just stop reading this and go watch the movie. Even though the movie is nearly 11 years old now, it’s still hard to talk…

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It’s game time, folks! This current series consists of four films that for all intents and purposes are not related, except for one connection they all have. And that’s the game — guess the connection. We won’t be announcing the films ahead of time — you’ll have to wait until they’re released to see what…

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