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Mad Max: Fury Road

In case you haven’t heard, everybody seems to be talking about “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Whether they’re talking about the silly fan theories about who Tom Hardy really is playing in this film, or the ‘meninist’ groups telling people to avoid it because of its feminist agenda, or everyone else talking about the amazing action…

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Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

While the first two Mad Max films had so much going for them, it sure seemed like a stumble with the third of the trilogy. But that’s looking at it through today’s eyes because some critics like Roger Ebert sure loved it — he put it on his ’10 Best’ list of 1985! Okay, so…

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

With the international popularity of “Mad Max,” George Miller was excited to get back into the driver’s seat and continue with his hero as he wandered the dystopian wastes of Australia looking for fuel. It was a smart move as “Mad Max 2,” or “The Road Warrior” as it was released in the States, not…

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Mad Max

George Miller’s film “Mad Max” came out in 1979 in Australia and became a huge success, going on to become the most profitable film ever until it was unseated from its throne by one Blair Witch. It went on to spur two sequels and, soon, a fourth. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson…

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