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The Bourne Legacy

We always knew there were other operatives out there, and when the producers couldn’t get Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass to return to do another Jason Bourne movie, they did the right thing by bringing in the man who’s been with the series from the start—Tony Gilroy—to not only write but also direct this latest…

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The Bourne Ultimatum

Frightening words coming from a CIA agent more intent on keeping his team’s illegal program under wraps than in saving American lives. And that’s the man intent on preventing Jason Bourne from learning about his past, because that man, Noah Vosen—played wonderfully by the ever-brilliant David Strathairn—knows it will lead to his own downfall. It’s…

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The Bourne Supremacy

Jason Bourne’s back, still trying to figure out his past as a government assassin while struggling to stay ahead of both the good and bad guys as they attempt to take him out. This week, we’re covering the 2004 film, “The Bourne Supremacy”, the second in the Bourne franchise. Paul Greengrass took over as director…

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The Bourne Identity

This week, movie lovers, we begin our series on the Bourne movies, starting here with Doug Liman’s 2002 film, The Bourne Identity. Born from Robert Ludlum’s classic spy thriller, this movie came out a time when the spy film genre was feeling a little… overstuffed. This film, as well as the two that followed it,…

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