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James Wong Howe shot color films very well, but it was his black-and-white cinematography that he was really known for. He won two Oscars for his B&W cinematography and played with many techniques that influenced filmmakers and cinematographers long after he was gone. The camera work on John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film “Seconds” is no exception.…

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Sweet Smell of Success

James Wong Howe had just won his Oscar for his black-and-white cinematography for “The Rose Tattoo” when the star of the film, Burt Lancaster, hired him to shoot his next picture, “Sweet Smell of Success.” Howe and director Alexander Mackendrick knew right away that to tell this story properly, they really needed to film on…

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Kings Row

“Kings Row” was adapted from a much racier novel from 1940 and had to be sanitized quite a bit because of the Hays Code. They had to leave some pretty big elements out — homosexuality, mercy killings, incest, nymphomania — but even with that, the film still is very dark because of the issues it…

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The Thin Man

James Wong Howe is often cited as one of the most influential cinematographers there have been. He worked in film from the early days of the silents to the mid-70s when he received his last Oscar nomination for his color work on “Funny Lady.” But his black-and-white cinematography is what he’s primarily known for. Join…

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