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Day of the Dead

"Choke on ‘em! Choke on ‘em!" When George Romero set out to make his final film in his original zombie trilogy, he had to cut his script back quite a bit to fit the budget he was given. While he said he still told the story he set out to tell, it leaves you wondering…

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Dawn of the Dead

It took George A. Romero 10 years to get back to the world of zombies that he’d created in 1968, and largely that was because he wasn’t that interested to return initially. It took a tour of a new local shopping mall and a call from Dario Argento to push him in the right direction. With his interest renewed, Romero and team went on to make one of the seminal zombie films – one that dealt with themes of the time and was riddled with fantastic makeup effects created by Tom Savini.

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“I’m sure you’ll find a solution, honey.” Steve couldn’t ask JJ to stomach this month’s film, so he brought Andy in to chew the fat on this one. Andy admits that if he were at this school he would have been out of there right away. Steve, as usual, thinks this film may be about…

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Night of the Living Dead

Are fifty-year-old zombies scary today? How does the gore hold up? Did the actors really eat sheep intestines? Tune in to this week’s episode to find answers to these questions and more!

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Danger: Diabolik

“Don’t come near, honey. Molten gold wouldn’t suit your skin.” Creating a movie from a comic book has obviously become a huge way to make money at the box office these days, but back in the late 60s, it seemed a bit riskier. Dino de Laurentiis wanted to make a film out of the incredibly…

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The Detective

“I believe in live and let live.” Frank Sinatra and his rat pack are found in specific types of films, so seeing him in this dark, realistic detective story seems like a bit of surprise. When you think back to his performances in films like From Here to Eternity and The Manchurian Candidate, however, it’s easier to see…

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Coogan’s Bluff

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“Well, well, well, what have we got here? Buffalo Bill with the fancy hat!” Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood worked with each other on five films, but before they first started, neither of them had heard of the other. Luckily, with a little homework, they both realized they enjoyed each other’s work and agreed to…

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How effective is Peter Bogdanovich’s first try at directing a film? Does Boris Karloff still provide the scares he once did? Is the film still relevant today? Tune in to this week’s show to hear our answers to these questions and more!

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The Predator

“The data suggests that it tracks its prey, exploits weakness. Seems to enjoy it, like a game.” The concept from “Predator” has been through a number of evolutions as a film and a franchise, so in this show we’ll dissect the DNA infusions brought to the bunch with the latest release. Written and Directed by…

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Battle for the Planet of the Apes

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Twentieth Century Fox had found great success with their Planet of the Apes franchise, but they also were learning that a continuous run of sequels would bring less and less money back in. So by the time they got to the fifth entry in the series, the budget was a pittance compared to that of the first film. This time, however, it really feels like the cheap end of a franchise. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we wrap up our Apes series with J. Lee Thompson’s 1973 film, Battle for the Planet of the Apes

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