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Romeo and Juliet

Is it better or worse casting actual teenagers to play the title roles? How well does Zeffirelli handle the Bard? What are we really looking for in adaptations of this story anyway? Tune in to this week’s show to find out these answers and more!

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Rachel, Rachel

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had already been married for a decade before Newman decided to make his directorial debut with Woodward as his star in 1968’s _Rachel, Rachel_. The film was a small character piece that likely garnered box office and awards attention because of the caliber of those two people heading it up.

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When Carol Reed brought Lionel Bart’s musical stage adaptation of “Oliver!” to the big screen in 1968, the time was ripe for it. Audiences and critics loved it. The film won a bunch of Oscars. It made a bunch of money. But how well does it hold up 50 years later?

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The Lion In Winter

British royalty is full of fascinating tales of power, conspiracies, distrust, and greed. They make such great characters that actors relish the opportunities to play them, sometimes even playing the same character more than once. Peter O’Toole certainly jumped at the chance when he read the script for The Lion in Winter based on the play.

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