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The Next Reel 2016 Gear is Here!

Once again thanks to friend of the show and illustrious artistic conspirator Joel Micah Harris for his brilliant contribution of this year’s show art. The design celebrates our top five films, plus our number one film board pick, all in a glorious homage to one of the greats.

This year, we’re making this show art available on so much more than t-shirts! From hoodies to throw pillows, mugs to journals, there are so many ways to show your support in a very public, sometimes uncomfortable fashion.

But because we loved the art so much, this year we offer a full poster, complete with show credits, for you to hang right next to your kitten-hanging-in-there tearsheet, and your Kelly LeBrock or Judd Nelson posters. You deserve this. 

For the spoiler lovers out there, the movies depicted: 

  1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road
  3. Touch of Evil
  4. Snowpiercer
  5. Delicatessen
  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So grab a t-shirt or hoodie or journal, or replace that nasty throw pillow on your couch, and know you’re supporting the show, The Next Reel team, and the work of the talented Joel Micah Harris.

The Next Reel 2016 Apparel & More

Pick up this year’s shirt, hoodie, pillow, mug, phone case, laptop cling… for crying out loud there are a ton of products this year. Go on! Check ’em out!

The Next Reel 2016 Glorious Homage Poster

Celebrate your love for The Next Reel AND great movie marketing in one deft move with this year’s movie poster!