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June 2, 2020

Marvel Movie Minute is silent this week in support of all those who stand and fight for justice, equality, and peace.

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Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko are on the front line of the Marvel Movie Minute, pulling apart the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... one minute at a time. This season, they're ready to smash.

New Season, New Partners

But wait... who are these guys? Season 2 of Marvel Movie Minute is brought to you in partnership with the guys behind Legible Scrawl, a team of writers, podcasters, and artists behind some of our favorite shows, bestowed with the smarts to know that the best way to embrace the movies of the MCU is truly one minute at a time.

In the last few minutes...

IH056: Vehicular Accident Reaction Problems.

June 1, 2020

In minute fifty-six of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob consider the General’s hubris and how it gets cut short as the Hulk finds a way to escape Ross’ sonic barrage. This makes way for a discussion on the physical properties of said escape which thankfully, leads us to a classic GI Joe cartoon and good old Jim Ross references. And there’s an Enya cameo.

IH055: Not Being Instantly Dead is a Win.

May 29, 2020

In minute fifty-five of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob discuss sonic repercussions in movies. They also applaud the cool work of stuntman Cyril Raffaelli as we enjoy some fantastic action fighting where Blonsky holds his own! There’s a deep dive into how they make Tim Roth run really, really fast. Hint: a certain man of steel might have used this a few decades ago. And sonic cannons from the opening credits finally show up. Plus, we thank Ed Norton for not using glue!

IH054: It’s No Holds Barred!

May 28, 2020

In minute fifty-four of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob giggle with joy at the fighting mayhem we find our characters partaking in that includes more than their fill of explosions and destruction. Props to the CGI artists who made pulling apart this sequence even more fun! There’s a new installment of “Things the Hulk can Throw” plus two great cameos of Marvel universe characters that will blow your mind!

IH053: Have we tried More Bullets?

May 27, 2020

In minute fifty-three of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob begin with an Alfred Hitchcock discussion. Why? Well, because there’s a dolly zoom and don’t worry, Irmin Roberts gets the credit! The obsession over bullets continues as Ross’ army tries to take down the Hulk. We dish about our love of the absurdity of 80’s television car jumps and the Hulk’s propensity for stomping things.

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