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HULK (2003)

January 7, 2020

One more hiatus ep before we launch season 2! This week, Ang Lee’s HULK, plus we introduce a new crew to lead us bravely into our angry, green future!

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Andy Nelson and guests dissect the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... one minute at a time.

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In the last few minutes...

The Return of The Incredible Hulk (1977)

September 4, 2019

Banner is still on the road, but this time he’s traveling with a friend: a case of the 5 o’clock shadow that simply can’t be beat… not even by THE HULK!

The Incredible Hulk (1977)

August 14, 2019

The second episode of our MMM break takes us back to the 1977 film — and series pilot — that built Hulk-love into a generation of 70s and 80s kids.

IM126: Avenger Initiative

July 1, 2019

in which Andy, Pete, and guest Alex Robinson from Star Wars Minute talk about Nick Fury’s surprise appearance, Robert Downey Jr.’s initial thoughts on the scene, and Edgar Wright’s suggestion to Jon Favreau that led to a franchise expectation

IM125: Ratio of Table Ladies

June 28, 2019

in which Andy, Pete, and guest Tommy Handsome from TNR’s Film Board and the What’s That Smell? Podcast talk about Robert Downey Jr.’s suits, Scarlet Letters title work, and mystery song cues

Complete Archive: All The Great Minutes

IM008: Our extensive research into snake eyes

in which Andy, Pete and guest Ryan Dalton, author of the Time Shift trilogy, praise Terrence Howard’s and Robert Downey Jr.’s relationship, reveal Christine Everhart’s comic origins and share our lack of gambling knowledge

IM007: With ladies on each arm

in which Andy, Pete and guest Ryan Dalton, author of the Time Shift trilogy, revel in the great jump cuts to the casino, talk about Tony’s crazy scripted dialogue and enjoy seeing the director pop up as Tony’s sidekick

IM006: From a show you never knew existed

in which Andy, Pete, and guest Ryan Dalton, author of the Time Shift trilogy, jam out to the Iron Man cartoon theme song, review Jeff Bridges’ character types and discuss Powerpoints as exposition

IM005: Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

in which Andy and Pete take a lesson in Dari/Urdu, talk about the jump backward in time, and dig into Photoshopped magazine covers

IM004: Jimmy is Swiss cheese

in which Andy and Pete bid adieu to swiss cheese Jimmy, look at our first bit of deleted material, and pine for the halcyon days of that fantastic phone.

IM003: Ramirez: The only character who has no gift of hindsight

in which Andy and Pete say goodbye to our first two characters, talk about practical explosions and reminisce about Daredevil

IM002: It’s not as wildly-insulting as it should be

in which Andy and Pete discuss Robert Downey Jr., AC/DC and Iron Man’s journey to the screen

IM001: You gotta earn your wizards

in which Andy and Pete discuss the opening logos, character origins, and Afghanistan