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IH051: A Love Letter to Terry Notary

May 25, 2020

In minute fifty-one of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob discuss the good, bad and ugly of creative film techniques while the battle unfolds. Betty is looking for her dad while Bruce is looking for a way out. And, you’ll be introduced to the number two guy in the motion capture industry and find out that he’s no slouch!

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Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko are on the front line of the Marvel Movie Minute, pulling apart the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... one minute at a time. This season, they're ready to smash.

New Season, New Partners

But wait... who are these guys? Season 2 of Marvel Movie Minute is brought to you in partnership with the guys behind Legible Scrawl, a team of writers, podcasters, and artists behind some of our favorite shows, bestowed with the smarts to know that the best way to embrace the movies of the MCU is truly one minute at a time.

In the last few minutes...

IH050: Don’t Put That in Your Mouth.

May 22, 2020

In minute fifty of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob dissect the practical elements of Blonsky’s sprint into battle. They also do the same service to Bruce’s devouring of a data appliance. And Betty runs.

IH049: The Storm Breaks!

May 21, 2020

In minute forty-nine of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob reminisce about the birth of their children. We also find out that Kyle’s wife hates the tight tuck. Somehow we transition into all hell breaking loose where we learn Bruce runs really fast. Oh, and it’s all Betty’s fault. Plus another deleted scene!

IH048: Smooshed in There Like a George Foreman Grill.

May 20, 2020

In minute forty-eight of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob get wrapped up in the process of transforming Blonksy into something new and horrible. It’s needles again people. And squishy, bone cracking sound effects. Bruce also gets back to his official disguise as he tries to make a getaway.

IH047: Eat Your Prayers and Say Your Vitamins!

May 19, 2020

In minute forty-seven of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob first confirm that the needle shot in minute twelve was real! Why? We talk tattoos and their familial meanings for Kyle and Mr. Tim Roth. There’s a deep dive on setting a scene between two beds as we finish the awkward conversation began in the previous minute. And we return to our Hulkstache conversation from minute thirty-four to correct ourselves. This minute is a free-for-all! Good luck.

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