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We started this show because we love movies. We love to talk about them. We love to help our listeners find new favorites and rediscover old ones. By becoming a member of The Next Reel, you can directly support the TNR team so that we can continue bringing you great conversation several times a week. Plus, you'll be a part of a pretty cool club.

Membership Levels

Concessions — Monthly

At $3/month, your membership includes:

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  • Access to the members-only drafts podcast feed, so you can hear shows before they go live, potentially with horrific and embarrassing mistakes included!
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Projection — Annual

At $60/year, your membership includes all of the monthly benefits plus:

  • Invitation to our Google Hangout pre-show with the Film Board before each show to have a discussion about that month’s movie!
  • Invitation to our #private-submissions channel on Slack in which you can submit your own 30-second audio reviews of each movie we discuss on the show!
  • Priority draw for Listener's Choice shows!

And more! We’ll always be looking for new opportunities we can share with our members. The only way to find out what those are is to sign up today!

The Next Reel has been a labor of love for us for over five years. But our aspirations are grand. With your support, we'll be able to continue to grow the network and create and support new film resources for you all: film's greatest fans. 

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