"Don’t be what they make you to be"

Back to Back Film Board weeks! We couldn’t let this one go by - Marvel comics movies are continuing to find their graphic stride this month with LOGAN and our thugs need to get in the fight and mix it up about the value of a hard “R” comic representation in the cinematic universe. It’s not spoilery to talk about the completely appropriate rating this movie drew, but in addition to that, we will spoil the story and theorize what it means for the Marvel mutants’ present and future.

We continue to keep our own lineup fresh on this show with Steve, Pete, JJ and another awesome appearance from special guest host Darnell Smith. Listening to this episode will help you decide whether you should get over your comic book movie apathy, embrace de-sensitization to knife (Claw) gore, and/or slice your way to this movie before the Ides of March. If you don’t want to be thoroughly spoiled, come back and listen after you see it once your healing factor kicks in. When the move ends, our conversation begins! 

Film Sundries

Get Out

“Here it is: My boy Chris has been missing for two days.”

The Film Board Gathers! This month, in a departure from the heady intensity of the Oscars line up, our Gang of Thugs takes on a thriller written and directed by a comedy all-star. Jordan Peele’s GET OUT is thoroughly spoiled through our chat and we talk about its balance of satire and terror and the genre similarities of horror and comedy and how a filmmaker’s skills in one discipline can be transferable to the other.

We’re continuing to try to scare the pants off ourselves this year and on this show you’ll hear Pete, Andy, Tommy, and our new guest host Darnell Smith. Let us spoil GET OUT for you if you want to take the edge off the suspense or listen to to the show after you see it and let us know how it hits you. When the movie ends, our conversation begins! 

Film Sundries


"He’s on the move."

DON’T LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE OF THE FILM BOARD until you see Split! Here at The Next Reel, we always mention how WE SPOIL MOVIES and this month we’ve taken on twistmaster M. Night Shyamalan’s newest film with a conversation that is completely impossible without SPOILING this movie for you. That being said, go see it and then come and join us because there is lots and lots to talk about from this psychological thriller put together in the classic Shyamalan style. 

Suspense and terror is front and center for the first part of 2017 and gathering together this month, we’ve got Andy, Steve, Tommy, and JJ to start it up. If you’ve got strong feelings about MNS movies, you really should see Split and then check us out. When the movie ends, our conversation begins.

Film Sundries

Rogue One

"I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me."

Look at this- The Film Board is back with a thuggish gathering of galactic implications. Last year doesn’t totally count as long ago nor far, far away for a new star wars movie, but the Disney franchise treatment this month goes all the way back into a sub-mid-prequel sort of thing with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you’re not sure where this movie belongs in the mix, we’ll spoil it for you along with the rest of the story and and all of its clever bridges to the Trilogy we all grew up on. 

We’ve decided to prompt some of the usual suspects on this one so take a listen to Tommy Handsome, Andy, Pete, and JJ as we open up a can of blaster sound effects and witty droid dialogue. You will have as much fun as we do – real people talking about fake things fighting other fake things!

Film Sundries

Doctor Strange

"Forget everything that you think you know"

The Film Board gathers! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has returned so we’ve brought together a merry band of thugs to spoil the next episode of the massive comic book soap opera for you- easter eggs and all. Origin story anyone? Join us as we talk about Doctor Strange, another special human that learns great and different powers Foster’s the best to save the world slash worlds in great and different ways. 

Singing for their supper on this one is our own special motley mix of critics and fanboys, so join us to figure out where you are on our spectrum. Steve, Tommy Handsome, Pete, and JJ will take you on a dive through a multiverse thrill ride and we’ll all come out with shaking hands and a new perspective on reality.

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