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The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

When John le Carré wrote his third novel “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold,” it was such a success and brought him so much acclaim that it essentially outed him as a spy for MI6. He’d been doing it for only five years, but in that time, he learned a great deal about how the machine worked and was able to bring that world to life with greater accuracy than had been seen before.

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Take 10 on Disney+

Have some time social distancing by yourself or with the family and looking for something cool to watch? Join Kyle and Rob for a stroll down the Disney movie lane to fill up your watchlists now!

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While working on The Informer! with Steven Soderbergh, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns was inspired by a scene with Matt Damon ranting about the germs Scott Bakula’s character left on a phone to explore the idea of a viral pandemic. From there, Contagion was born. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we conclude our disease…

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Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko are on the front line of the Marvel Movie Minute, pulling apart the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... one minute at a time. This season, they're ready to smash.

IH017: Man in the Van!

In minute seventeen of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob lament smoking cigars in vans and tranquilizing dogs for fun while showing off horrible Russian accents.

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The Next Reel Film Board

Guns Akimbo

We were initially going to talk about “Guns Akimbo” in February, but it got soft pushed back right smack into the middle of the stay at home quarantine. It’s available now from a variety of outlets, so we’re going to spoil it for you on this show and you can decide if it’s worth your stream surfing time at home.

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Trailer Rewind

with Steve Sarmento & Justin Jaeger


JJ and Steve find themselves among another group of exiles in space. Based on a book-length science fiction poem written by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson in 1956, Aniara explores the impact isolation, anxiety, and despair can have on a society. Within the first 10 minutes of this episode you will know if this film is for you or not.

High Life

March 10, 2020

Anna and the Apocalypse

December 17, 2019

All About Nina

November 24, 2019

Woman Walks Ahead

October 15, 2019

Leave No Trace

September 17, 2019


August 27, 2019


June 18, 2019

The Edge of Seventeen

May 21, 2019

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

April 16, 2019

I, Tonya

March 19, 2019

2020-04-04 • Saturday Matinée

Film Board is back this weekend with Guns Akimbo. COVID sanity check reveals Andy’s dark tendencies, a “Platform” update, and boozy, sleepy Criterion Channel sessions. Steve is high for John Wick, and the John Wick video game. Spike Lee offers his unfinished Jackie Robinson screenplay for quarantine reading. The Cancelled STAR WARS Episode 9 Animated. Moria with Lightsabers. CATS: The Butthole Cut trailer. Is Iron Man 3 the stupidest trending topic?

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